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44. Get more out of your locks and keys. Listed below are frequently asked questions about locks and locksmith services.

Do you provide emergency services?

Emergency services are usually offered after closing hours, weekends, and holidays. Yes, our company does offer 24 hour emergency services for all your unexpected lockouts, break ins, repairs and so on. The prices vary depending on the services you need.

Will my lock be damaged when it is being opened?

It is very unlikely that your locks will get damaged because of the advancement in locksmith technology. There are new equipments that are tailored to open locks with minimal to no damages. So, there is no need to worry about your locks.

How does a door handle set work?

This type of lockset consists of a deadbolt and a separate handle. The deadbolt lock has a keyway on the outer side and a thumb turn on the inner side.

Are digital locks a good choice for businesses?

They have one major advantage over their mechanical counterparts. They enable you to create unique access codes for a large number of people. If an employee has left the company, the manager just needs to change this person’s access code. When it comes to the level of security, this depends on the individual features of each door locket.

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